The Cibi

CIBI started the activities in 1964 dedicating itself as a mediator to kettle works and already focalizing the concrete plants. The first equipments to be produced, concrete plants, Personal Line, with horizontal conception, introduced a new concept in Brazilian market. Since that time CIBI's main concern has been that one to offer to the market equipments of high efficiency and always with innovative concepts allied with valuable methods of manufacturing and high quality raw material which provide hardness, durability and high performance. The wide line of products places CIBI in a singular position all over Latin America, being able to comply with the requests of the small production of concrete until the great productions necessary for works such as dams, solutions for stockage, batching, mixing, transportations and movements applicable either in the building construction or in other industrial activities. CIBI was the company which, for the first time in the world, projected and manufactured steel molds for building of the suction pipes of dams, supplying these molds to Tucurui dam. Located in Taubaté (SP) – Brazil, in Rio – São Paulo axle, it is installed in an own industrial area of 80.000 m² disposing of 14.000 m² of constructed area.